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ViewPoint #1

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A huge success, VIEWPOINT FILM CHALLENGE #1 featured the short films of 8 ordinary participants.

Successfully completing their films in a little over a month, all 8 Directors took writer Tomas Street's script to many different places.  From Horror to Romantic Comedy, from Animation to Super Hero.  It illustrated how the possibilities are endless as everybody always has their own distinct point of view.

On March of 2009, the films were screened at CAMERA BAR in Toronto’s west end to a house so packed that a second screening took place an hour later to accommodate the rest of the audience.  In the end it became clear that even more creative minds became inspired to create their own film should ViewPoint return

Download the script from ViewPoint #1:




Directors (click a director to view their ViewPoint):

Mark Ilkov

Andrew Laing &

Chris Bridges

Russell Challenger

Istvan Dugalin

Ken Simpson

Alex Jordan

Lara Amersey

Tomas Street